on Botham Shem Jean.

i don’t want to post that infuriating tweet about what was found in his home. in which he lived. in which he was murdered by a cop, who is clearly a murderer and a liar. all i want to do is join in the chorus of voices speaking his name, giving to him the honor, respect and dignity that his killer, the Dallas PD, and the media seem incapable of giving him. his death has underscored that Black people are not safe anywhere. not in schools, homes, CHURCHES, and not even in our homes. police can lie their way out of everything, and receive assistance and covering from every layer of this crooked criminal “justice” system. 

in my work in Black churches and on a Black campus, i repeatedly tell myself this mantra: “we got each other.” even in days when it is the furthest thing from reality, i still believe that there is no other institution or community to whom we can look for love and salvation than our own. together, let’s continue praying and pushing for the day when our names cease to become hashtags. #blacklivesmatter #bothamshemjean

neichelle guidry